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King Arthur's Gold: BETA IS OUT !!!





A couple words from MM, watch it:

To be more specific :)

this is what you’ll find in the NEW King Arthur’s Gold beta:


  • Short story-mode called “Save the princess” (to be fleshed out later)

  • Naval Warfare

  • Drivable Siege…

When is it Enabled?
Im like Looking everywhere in the game (got premium) and cant find it!

You’ll need to download the new BETA client from the website if you want to play it. The old client is considered KAG classic now. Happy slashing.

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oh i see you started following me…

yeah that’s flattering, thank you but… but

i’m just not interested in following a new person right now,

please dont take it the wrong way


i can barely follow 9 people without feeling overwhelmed

zoinks scoob





Things like this make me want to play dnd but the only groups I know here are super serious types who hate fun

My last campaign ended with one of the party betraying the rest to stay behind with a necromantic fel dwarf warlord while the rest escaped the lair and then played a game of pickup basketball.

I wish I had a group. :(

I think I’ve reblogged this before, but dammit, I will reblog it again.

aw yiss

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So later I’m at the pool hall
And this girl comes up
And she’s, like, “awww”
And I’m, like, “yeah, whatever!”



these balls. in my mouth. pls



these balls. in my mouth. pls

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if there isnt a porno parody out there called The Illuminaughty I’ma be real pissed

oh hey 300 notes on something i posted and forgot about.

ok cool

Robot policemen overlords?

Robot policemen overlords?

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Everyone should try to be more like Fred.


Vegeta, prince of Vegeta. Fuck yes.

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